• Love Hangover Soap


    "Indulge in the enchanting allure of our Love Hangover Soap, meticulously crafted with natural ingredients to nourish your skin and captivate your senses. Infused with the irresistible fragrance of love spell, this luxurious soap combines the purifying properties of purple clay and the hydrating benefits of coconut powder, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and delicately scented. Each bar is adorned with a genuine rose quartz crystal, infusing every wash with the gentle energy of love and compassion. Elevate your self-care routine with our Love Hangover Soap and let its enchanting aroma and loving vibrations envelop you in a blissful embrace."

    I used vegan and cruelty free Mica's, Oxide’s, and Natural ingredients for my colorants, all fragrances, and glitters are cosmetic and body safe.

    Helpful Tip:
    Handmade soap is softer than commercial bars and will melt away fast if left in water, it is recommended letting the soap bar dry in between uses for a longer lasting bar.

    Please keep in mind that due to handcrafting the size, color, and design may vary slightly, meaning. All bars are unique in design.