• Simply Beautiful Agate Nugget Bracelets


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    Agate Nugget Bracelets w/color beads on copper wire vibrates in Golden Agate, Red (Carnelian) Agate, and Green Agate simply beautiful..by be Balanced Essentials, LLC.

    Green Agate is a captivating stone known for its lush green hues, ranging from deep forest tones to vibrant shades. This variety of agate often features unique banding patterns that add to its natural beauty.

    Balancing Energies: Green Agate is believed to harmonize and balance energies, promoting a sense of stability and equilibrium.

    Heart Chakra: This stone is associated with the Heart chakra, making it a powerful tool for matters of love, compassion, and emotional healing.

    Renewal and Growth: Green Agate is thought to encourage personal growth and renewal, making it an ideal companion for those seeking positive transformations.

    Red Agate is a stunning gemstone known for its rich and varied red tones. Its striking appearance, often marked by intricate banding or patterns, makes it a favorite among those drawn to bold and vibrant crystals.

    Vitality and Strength: Red Agate is associated with vitality and strength, believed to boost energy levels and promote physical endurance.

    Root Chakra: This stone is linked to the Root chakra, aiding in grounding and stability. It is thought to enhance feelings of security and connection to the Earth.

    Passion and Courage: Red Agate is often considered a stone of passion and courage, inspiring confidence and assertiveness.

    Yellow Agate is a radiant gemstone that displays warm and sunny yellow tones. Its cheerful appearance is often accompanied by distinctive banding or intricate patterns, creating a visually appealing stone.

    Joy and Optimism: Yellow Agate is associated with joy and optimism, believed to uplift the spirit and promote a positive outlook on life.

    Solar Plexus Chakra: This stone is connected to the Solar Plexus chakra, aiding in personal empowerment, self-esteem, and a sense of inner strength.

    Creativity and Clarity: Yellow Agate is thought to stimulate creativity and enhance mental clarity, making it a valuable companion for those seeking inspiration and focus.

    Bracelet are 7-7 1/2 inches made with natural gemstone... due to the nature of the product stones may vary slightly in color, bruising and veining in/on the stones.

    **Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat any medical conditions.