• “Radiance” Rose Quartz Sphere Necklace


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    “Radiance” 20mm Rose Quartz Sphere Non Tarnish Copper wire wrapped 20in' chain Necklace by Be Balanced Essentials, LLC: Radiance is a beautiful and unique necklace that evokes the idea of love glowing and shining brightly, representing positivity and happiness. Rose quartz is known for its soothing energy and ability to promote love and emotional healing.

    Element: Water

    Zodiac: Taurus and Libra

    Chakra: Heart, Sacral Chakra

    Metaphysical Properties:

    • Love: Rose Quartz is believed to be the stone of unconditional love, promoting compassion, kindness, and emotional healing.

    • Harmony: Rose Quartz is thought to promote harmony and peace in relationships, helping to resolve conflicts and promote understanding.

    • Self-Love: It is believed to help cultivate self-love and self-acceptance, promoting a positive self-image and increased self-esteem.

    • Emotional Healing: Rose Quartz is believed to have powerful healing properties, helping to heal emotional wounds and trauma, and promote inner peace.

    • Forgiveness: Rose Quartz is thought to promote forgiveness, helping the wearer to release anger, resentment, and negative emotions.

    *Due to the nature of the product stones may vary slightly in color, bruise, and veining in the gemstones. The imperfection of the stone shows its character and nature.

     **Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed are collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and not meant to treat any medical conditions.